Resource files in wsp solution

Jun 30, 2009 at 2:33 PM

Good day.

I have one question.

I have a solution which inludes several features and resource file, project1.resx. I also included and locale dependent resource file

With wsp builder i build solution file. and deploy it, but it seems, that I can not get right resource file. In wsp file, both resource files exists, but I cannot find were they are copied when I deploy solution.

In manifest.xml they also described.

After build I also got created two library files in BIN folder under name of locale bin/ru-ru/project1.resources.dll

The only thing that work to me is full remove and redeploy. But if I need to  debug code, and everytime i need to remove/deploy, its takes too long.

Do I miss something? Maybe You can tell me where those files must be coppied after dployment?