Solution(WSP) deploying globally even when you deploy it to a specific webapplication

Jun 26, 2009 at 3:28 PM

--> I have a WSP Solution, i deployed it to a specific web application by selecting a webapplication from the dropdown in the central admin. It clearyl showed me that the WSP was sucessfully deployed to that particular webapplication. After that , i created a new WebApp and site collection. When i navigate to the site collection features of this new site collection, i was able to see the features that i have deployed to the old webapplication.

--> I retracted the solution, it got retracted from both old and new webapps. THen i re-deployed to the Old Webapp using STSADM and specifying the Old WebApp URl. It showed me in the central that the solution was sucessfully deployed to the OLd Webapp. BUt when i can see the Features in both the OLd and new Webapps.

--> All my features are scoped to site.

--> I created WSP manually , did not use WSPBuilder ( because i don't get a chance to edit the manifest.xml file).

--> Can anyone suggest me ,what would be wrong.

Thank you


Aug 18, 2009 at 7:45 AM

The solution to this issue is somewhat obvious, but it works.

You cannot deploy to a single application if you do not have application scoped code in your solution.
Give it a try and check, what you have done.
Probably you are publishing some stuff to dynamically available paths like _layouts or to the 12 Hive.

What you are facing is something like an organizational issue.

So, if you are still wanting to have your solution published to a single app, just add an empty webpart (w/ feature) and voilá - there you go.

Hint: It is always a good idea to modify the WSPBuilder.Config file in your solution to keep it from deploying to the central admin.