WSPBuilder's wsp files have a problem...

Jun 26, 2009 at 2:06 PM

In response to Marks review on WSPBuilder (that should really have been in the Discussions or Issue Tracker), he wrote...

"WSPBuilder's wsp files have a problem. It adds some feature files to the manifest.xml in <Resources> or <TemplateFiles>. Say you create a feature used in two solutions. Then you update the feature's files, redeploy ONE solution and -upgradesolution. Then if you -upgradesolution the other without without redeploying, it breaks and can't be removed. Should use <ElementFiles> in feature.xml instead.
by MarkArend on Thu at 7:24 PM<abbr />  "

My response:
This is actually by design of WSPBuilder to support resource files located in a Feature folder with <Resources> tags in the manifest.xml, in the case of that the developer has "forgotten" to define the <ElementFiles> tags in feature.xml. There is alot of solutions out there that still works even that developers have forgotten to define the <ElementFile> tags. However I would not recommend including the same feature in two solutions in the first place. And if you must then remember to define the all the resource files in the <ElementFile> tags (thanks to the info from Mark).
In the next release of WSPBuilder there will be a warning telling that a feature resource file needs to be referenced in a <ElementFile> tag when building a WSP package.