Creating wsp file - no safecontrols

May 6, 2009 at 9:09 AM
Hi there

I am new to Sharepoint and the WSPbuilder tool
I want to create a .wsp file from my project.
I actually have 2 projects, from which I copy all template file to the 12 hive, and the 2 dll's are copied into a GAC directory.
Then, I use the visual studio add-in in my third project (which contains that 12 hive and GAC directory)
After creation of the wsp, it does include everything it needs to, but does not create safecontrol entries in the manifest file.
This way, my feature won't work, since they cannot be deployed to a specific website.
The feature I created are for automatically creating document libraries when creating new subsites below a certain site.
The only class (.cs) file both projects are having is for the feature activating event, which is a public class of course.
So, how do I get these safecontrols entries in the manifest file?
Also, when deploying I want to know how to specify the site to deploy to using the visual studio add-in

Thanks a lot!