wpresources and the 80 folder

Mar 8, 2009 at 5:08 AM
Hey Guys,
It's seems, I am having a problem when i build a web part feature from within VS and try t deploy a image resource into the web site wpresource directory.(I am using the latest build of WSP Builder)

Here is the project layout,
---Standard files that i dont want to list here
-----File to rollout to the GAC

Anyways, when I build the WSP package, everything seems fine. Now, when i Deploy solution from within VS the solution deploys to my sharepoint site, and the DLL get's put into the GAC, but nothing gets rolled out to the 80\wpresources of my site.

Am i doing something wrong when trying to use the wspbuilder VS Addin? Does this feature work?

Any help would be greatly appericated :)