Different behavior, same project

Aug 3, 2011 at 9:06 PM


We are now working to create a XAML Template process on TFS 2010 to build and create WSP files automatically while queuing a build. So far, what we have done is simple :
1 - The process creates a Workspace and creates a label, then deletes it.
2 - The Workspace is created a second time, but instead of using GetWorkspace's activity, we do manually download all files. This process avoid a problem that I will describe later.
3 - Once all files are on the agent server, we call an executable file named WSPPackager, with some parameters, which helps us to complete all other activities.
4 - After this, some default activities will ends the process.

Manually building the WSP have a complete different behavior, because in most times, more files are included. If we use the Get Workspace activity through TFS Build 2010, a lot of file are missing and we want the same behavior as if we was compiling the WSP by ourselves. Deleting the Get Workspace activity fixed this major problem and we still don't really know why at this moment.

I have another problem though... We do have a lot of virtual environments here and all Sharepoint 2007 environments are the same. If we want another SP07 machine, we just ask and they clone the original. In some case, while building locally, some dll we don't want in the package are still added and sometime, it will not add them into the WSP file. The build process have the same problem, we obtain the same behavior, but we do have additionnal dlls that we don't want.

Well here's my questions :
Can we make the XAML process more useful?
How can I find the problem? Adding assemblies to the GAC can make a difference?

If you need more information or the source code of the process, please ask me, I will do my best to provide the maximum of information!


Aug 3, 2011 at 9:07 PM
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