Need help to deploy WSP - MOSS 2007

Jun 30, 2011 at 3:36 PM

my solution contains sitecolumns.xml file contains custom fields. in the field DisplayPattern i am using element called "IfHasRights" that allows us to show information only if user has certain permissions.



              <RightsGroup PermEditListItem="required" />



              <HTML><![CDATA[<td style="border-style:none" nowrap="TRUE"><div>]]></HTML>

              <HTML><![CDATA[<a id="EditLink]]></HTML>

              <Field Name="ID" />

              <HTML><![CDATA[" href="EditForm.aspx?ID=]]></HTML>

              <Field Name="ID" />

              <HTML><![CDATA[" ONCLICK="GoToLink(this);return false;" target="_self">]]></HTML>

              <HTML><![CDATA[<NOBR>Edit Item</NOBR></a>]]></HTML>





The RightsGroup Elements in Visual Studio gives you intellisense, You will get only two possible attributes.




The actual list of permissions are more than two.


If I replace the attribute other than this two .


<RightsGroup PermManageWeb="required" >



WSP is building fine and when i deploy the WSP i am getting following error in Visual studio

Inner exception(1): Feature definition with Id sdc24301-d447-4581-bba4-e412fdeb4ba9 failed validation, file 'SiteColumns.xml', line 192, character 28: The 'PermManageWeb' attribute is not declared.


Any idea ?