WSPBuilder Questions

Jan 6, 2011 at 7:08 PM

I'm trying to use WSPBuilder to deploy the following files associated with my SharePoint app:

file1.dll - event handler that needs to be installed as a feature
file2.dll - a dll referenced by several ascx files (needs to be in the GAC and have a safecontrol entry in web.config)
file3.dll - a dll that contains business logic and referenced by the file2.dll (needs to be in the GAC and have a safecontrol entry in web.config)
*.ascx - several ascx files that need to reside in a folder under the controltemplates folder

I created an empty WSPBuilder project and created the necessary folders (template, GAC, feature, etc.) and added the Dlls, xml, and ascx files mentioned above to their respective location.  I proceeded to build the WSP file and noticed the following anomalies after it was built:

1) WSPBuilder created its own dll named the same as the WSPBuilder project and targeted the GAC for its deployment.  What uses this dll and why is it created?
2) File2.dll had a safecontrol web.config entry associated with it yet file3.dll did not.  How do I associate a web.config entry with file3.dll?
3) Will the event handler feature be properly installed when I install the WSP with the addsolution switch?